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Yuan Ling had some $5 and $10 notes. The $5 and $10notes had a total value of $1260.
8 pieces of $10 notes were exchanged for $5notes for the same value. In the end, the number of $10 notes was the same as the $5 notes. What was the value of the $5 notes at first?

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Ankita Agarwal answered this

Dear Student,

Let the number of &5 noted be x and number of &10 notes be y.Then, 5x+10y= 1260According to question, 5x+16+10y-8= 1260     ....1Also, x= ySubstituting x=y in equ.15x+80+10x-80 = 126015x = 1260x = 126015x= 84Hence, there are 84 notes of &5.Hence at starting there were 84-16 = 68 notes of &5Value of &5 notes = 68×5 = Rs 340