Sanskriti Singh asked in Science

Why insectivorous plants eat insects if they can prepare their own food then why do they need to eat insects.

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Richa Sharma 😍 answered this

No dear i guess they can't make their own food

Alok Ranjan answered this

because the plant insectivorous grow in poor soil and feed on ensects

Subhashish . answered this

Yes you are right Sanskriti, but they can't make their own food in fulfil amount (they can't gety full nutrition from this) . so they eat insects to fulfil their nutrition
They produce a smell which attracts insect an dwhen the insect get inside, the plant close their lid and slowly slowly digest them
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Mohit Singh answered this

Dear student,

The insectivorous plants grow in the soil having insufficient nitrogen, and they also cannot make enough food through photosynthesis; therefore, they need to feed on insects to get the required nutrition.