Jaya Kumar Prusty asked in Math

the question number 3 of 5 ,the median is always one of the numbers in a data. true or false please give an explanation

Thank You

Vikas Verma answered this

Dear Student,
The median is a number that is halfway into the set after arranging the data in increasing or decreasing order.
Median = Value of (N+1)/2 th term where N is odd number of observations.
For N is odd median will be one data of given observation.

Median=Average of N/2 th terms and (N/2+1) th term of given data where N is even numbers of observations.
median can not be one of data of given observation.

Example- if find the median of 10,12,14,14,16,16,18,20
here N=8
median=Average of 8/2 th term and (8/2 +1)th term 
             =average of 4th term and 5th term
here we find 15 is not one of  numbers in given data.
so statement is false.