Kelpyee asked in Math

The figure below shows an empty tank placed below two taps. Tap A and Tap B. It takes 6 min to fill the tank with Tap A alone and 9 min with Tap B alone. Starting with an empty tank, how long would it take to fill 1/2 of the tank with both Tap A and Tap B? Give your answer in seconds.

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Rashi Lokwani answered this

Dear Student,

Tap A can fill the tank in 6 minutes.So, tank filled by Tap A in one minute = 16Tap B can fill the tank in 9 minutes.So, tank filled by Tap B in one minute = 19Tank filled by both taps together in one minute = 16+19 = 3+218 = 518Tank filled by both taps together in one minute = 5181 minute = 518th tank 1 tank = 185 minutes12 tank = 185×12 minutes = 95 minutesSo, time taken by both taps together to fill half tank = 95 minutes1 minute = 60 seconds95 minutes = 95 × 60 = 108 secondsTime taken by both taps together to fill half tank = 108 seconds