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Solve this:
8. Multiply:
a) (2x=5)2(4y-5)
b)(3x-6) & (4x+5)
c)(9+a) & (15a-7)


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Hello Friend, This is the answer to your question Click on the image to view.


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Dear Student,

To Multiply :(a) (2x+5) and 2(4y-5)=(2x+5)×{2(4y-5)}=(2x+5)×(8y-10)=2x(8y-10)+5(8y-10)=16xy-20x+40y-50(b) (3x-6) and (4x+5)=(3x-6)×(4x+5)=3x(4x+5)-6(4x+5)=12x2+15x-24x-30=12x2-9x-30(c) (9+a) and (15a-7)=(9+a)(15a-7)=9(15a-7)+a(15a-7)=135a-63+15a2-7a=15a2+128a-63

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