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Question 27. Find the Mean of the data given in question number 26.


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What is the question? Of which chapter? Which subject?

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When a grouped data set is given along with frequencies, we first need to calculate the mid points of the intervals and multiply them with the corresponding frequencies, which can then be divided by the total number of occurences to get the mean.

Solution for the given question:
Daily earnings  Mid-point  Number of drug store Number x mid-point
125-175 150 18 2700
175-225 200 25 5000
225-275 250 50 12500
275-325 300 35 10500
325-375 350 12 4200
Total   140 34900


Mean =Mid-point of interval×Frequency of intervalFrequency=34900140=249.28

Thus, the mean of the given data is 249.28.

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