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Matthew has 5/9 much money as Nancy. Nacy has thrice that of Pearlyn. Matthew has $286 more than Pearlyn. How much money do they have altogether?

59. â€‹Matthew has 5 9  as much money as Nancy. Nancy has thrice that of Pearlyn. Matthew has $286 more than Pearlyn. How much money do they have altogether?

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Neha Sethi answered this

Dear student
Let the money Pearlyn has=Rs xMoney with Mathew= Rs x+286Money with Nancy=Rs 3xA.T.QMathew's money=59×Money with Nancyx+286=59×3xx+286=5x33x+858=5x858=2xx=429Let the money Pearlyn has=Rs x=Rs 429Money with Mathew= Rs x+286=Rs 429+286=Rs 715Money with Nancy=Rs 3x=Rs 3×429=Rs 1287Total money with all=429+715+1287=Rs 2431