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How to find median in data handling

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Shruti answered this

If no. Of observations are even a= n÷2 If no. Of observations are odd=(n+1)÷2 Where n is the no. Of observations.

Harshit answered this

The formula of median is,
Median = (n+1)/2 th term    ; when n is a odd number
Median: [(n/2) th term + {(n/2)+1} th term ] / 2  ; when n is an even number

Heena Rajput answered this

first First arrange them in ascending order then find the middle I mean just calculate the equal parts and which ever number comes in the between is the median

Sneha Apar answered this

Dear student,

The median in data handling can be defined as the middlemost number in the set of data given.
To find the median, the data given should be first arranged in order from least to greatest. It is the number that is halfway in the set.

For example, A family has 5 children, whose ages are as follows : 9, 12, 7, 16 and 13.
                      Firstly, order the ages of the children from least to greatest : 7, 9, 12, 13, 16
                      Hence the median is 12.

If n is a odd number, Median = (n+1)/2 th term

If n is an even number, Median =  [(n/2) th term + {(n/2)+1} th term ] / 2 
where n is the no. of observations.