Lakshika Arora asked in Science

Explain with example how does power of accommodation occur???

Pls answer as soon as possible ????

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Deepika Sharma answered this

Dear Student

The process of focusing the eyeball to see at different distances is known as power of accommodation. In other words, its the ability of the eyeball to change its focal length in order to see objects placed at different distances distinctly. 

When the ciliary muscles are relaxed, the eye lens becomes thin, the focal length increases, and the distant objects are clearly visible to the eyes. To see the nearby objects clearly, the ciliary muscles contract making the eye lens thicker. Thus, the focal length of the eye lens decreases and the nearby objects become visible to the eyes. Hence, the human eye lens is able to adjust its focal length to view both distant and nearby objects on the retina. This ability is called the power of accommodation of the eyes.